Fodox Attack Planner

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Attack Planner allows you to planning on all the worlds of the Italian server and on the most populated worlds of the server. The utility connects to the official databases, so by entering the player's name it will show the actual names of the villages. There are 5 slots for quick saving and loading associated with the browser in use, there is also the possibility to export the planning as web link: in this case the planning can be loaded from any browser.
The planning result also comes as plain text and as a table with Tribal Wars BB-Code.
1) Select the server and the world of your game, then enter the attacking player's name:
2) Select the slower troops that are attacking:
Load**: slot1  slot2  slot3  slot4  slot5
Export* or Save**: slot1  slot2  slot3  slot4  slot5
Selected: -
* Export: Saves the planning and return a web link to use in any browsers.
** Load/Save: Saves the planning in the browser in use. It will not possible to load from another browser.
3) Enter the coordinates of the target and the date of arrival:
4) Checks the result. If necessary return to point 2) and 3):
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