Fake Script Generator

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Troops to be sent (1):                          
Troops to be sent (2):                          
Troops to be sent (3):     Scout  
Fake method:   (click here to get reset script)
Copy the generated code and use it in your browser as explained below in this page, or add it as a link to the quickbar inside the game. Remember that before use the script you must go to the rally point page!

How to use the generator

  1. Copy the text from any web page that contains Tribal Wars coordinates and paste above, where indicated. The generator recognizes the coordinates in the text only if they are in the format xxx|yyy. There must be at least two coordinates.
  2. Select troops to be sent: enter the number of troops to "Troops to be sent (1)" and if necessary to "Troops to be sent (2)", checking the selection. If you want to send scouts in addition to troops, enter the number of scouts on "Troops to be sent (3)" and check the selection.
  3. Select the fake method: "Continued and random generation" extracts each time a random village from the list. This method can be used indefinitely. Warning!, launched a few times the method might extract more than once the same village, or it might not extract a particular village (it is a law of probability...). "One attack fo each village" extracts all the villages once from the list, from the first to the last, with a notice at the end. When the notice appears all the villages have been extracted and the first one is going to be processed. This method need to be resetted after the use, otherwise next launchs might not choose all the villages in the list. Click where suggested to get the reset script.
  4. Click on "Create". Copy the generated script and use it in your browser or in the quickbar of the game. You must be in the rally point page.
    Use the reset script in the same way, if necessary.

Important: using scripts with some browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox   From version 7 of Firefox is no longer allowed to run scripts from the address bar, but you must use the Web Console. To open the Web Console go to menù -> Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console, or press SHIFT CTRL + k on keyboard. Paste the script near the character ">" and press Enter.
  • Google Chrome and IE   From Google Chrome version 14 (probably earlier) and from Internet Explorer version 9, after pasting the script in the address bar the initial keyword "javascript:" disappears, making the script unusable. You need to write it manually. Otherwise you can use the JavaScript Console: in Chrome go to menù -> Tools -> Javascript Console or press SHIFT CTRL + j on keyboard. Paste the script near the character ">" and press Enter.
    In Internet Explorer go to menù -> Tools -> Developer Tools or press F12 on keyboard. Click on "Script" tab and paste into the field at the bottom right.
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