Mass Attack Planner

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Mass Attack Planner is a planner massive attacks, that allows you to plan and support attacks on multiple targets with a single calculation. It is compatible with all the worlds of all the servers of Tribal Wars, just change the values of "World settings". The planning is obtained by following four steps all visible on one page. Il metodo di assegnazione attacchi/obiettivi è ottimizzato e permette di scegliere diverse fasce orario in cui concentrare i lanci. The method of assigning attacks to targets is optimized and allows you to choose different time slots in which focus the launchs. The result of the planning can be exported to spreadsheet or Tribal Wars game, thanks to BB-Code already entered.
World settings
Speed     Unit speed modifier
Set the world speed. Decimal values must be separated with the point and not with the comma. To know values of playing world go to this page, click on "TW Stats URL" for your country, click on world of game, click on "World settings" inside the box "World info". The values are "Speed" and "Unit speed modifier".
(1) Target villages
Arrival date and time: D M Y     h m s
How many launchings:    Attack Nobleman Support
Paste here any text that contains coordinates of one or more villages, or write manually in the format "xxx|yyy" separating them with a comma or a space (eg: 100|100, 200|201, etc.).
Write arrival date and time.
Considering a single target, write on "Attack" how many attacks to launch, write on "Nobleman" how many villages with 4 or 5 nobles to launch and write on "Support" how many supports to launch.
Click on "Add".
Repeat this action several times to customize different groups of target villages.
Target villages list:
(2) Start villages
Spear Fighter Sword Fighter Axe Fighter Archer Scout Light Cavalry Mounted Archer Heavy Cavalry Ram Catapult Paladin Nobleman    Attack Support
Arrival delay in seconds
Paste here any text that contains coordinates of your villages, or write manually in the format "xxx|yyy" separating them with a comma or a space (eg: 100|100, 200|201, etc.).
Select the slower troop and select "A" or "S" if it is respectively an attack or a support. Enter a delay in seconds upon arrival time and click on "Add".
Repeat this action for offensive villages, for the villages with nobles and for support villages.

Any existing assignments will be lost. You will need to go to step (3) or make manual assignment.
Start villages list:
(3) Automatic assignment
Use preferably following time slots during planning:
00-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08
08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16
16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-00
Click on time slots to include or exclude launches at certain times. Click on "Assign" to associate automatically and in an optimized manner the targets to your villages, according to the parameters chosen in steps (1) and (2). Any existing assignments will be replaced.
If necessary, return to step (2) in the list of start villages to customize assignments.

More info
(4) Planning and save

Click on "Plan" for planning the attack.
If necessary, return to step (1) in the list of target villages to change arrival date and time.

More info
Planning result
(3) Automatic assignment
  • Method of assignment
    When Random assignment is off, the assignment method consists to select the villages that arrive earlier to target, depending on the distance and the troop choosed (consequently, the travel time).
    The assignment order follows the order of the targets in the list "Target villages list:" inside step (1) "(1) Target villages".
  • Use preferably following time slots during planning
    It is possible to suggest to the assignment method the time slots in which plan the launchs. There are 24 bands total that are considered as follows: "[08:09]" means that starts from 8:00:00 until 8:59:59. Click on the boxes to enable or disable (gray box = off).

    If, based on the time bands setted, the method can't assign all the villages needed to the targets, it repeats more times the calculation with a tolerance which increases 5 minutes progressively.

    Practical example with arbitrary values:
    I need to assign one attack to one target and I have three villages A1, A2, A3. Based on the date of arrival and the time of travel, the times of launch are A1=9:17, A2=13:42, A3=17:30.
    In the typical scenario, with all the slots active, the method chooses A3 because it takes less time to arrive.
    If I activate the time slots "[13-14]", "[14-15]" and "[16-17]" (others are gray) the method chooses A2 because the time of launch falls into one of three slots.
    If I activate only the time slot "[08-09]" the method does not find any village and sets a tolerance of 5 minutes. The chosen slot will "expand" and become "[7:55-9:05]." The method continues to try and increase tolerance: "[7:50-9:10]", "[7:45-9:15]" until "[7:40-9:20]." At this point the method chooses A1.
  • Random assignment
    Assignment is random, according to time slots activated.
(4) Planning
  • Plain text optimized for spreadsheets
    If activated, the fields will be separated by a comma and spaces will be removed. To import the planning into a spreadsheet (Excel, LibreOffice Calc, etc.) copy the result and paste it into a new text file with TXT extension, e.g. using Notepad. Open the spreadsheet, go to menù "File->Open", change "File type" in "Text file (*.csv, *.txt)", select the text file of the planning. The spreadsheet will ask how to recognize the fields, choose "separated by a comma."
  • Invert date format: yyyy/mm/dd
    If activated, the date will start with the year value then the month and the day. This format allows you to sort the rows when they the planning is exported into a spreadsheet.
  • Show only essential columns
    If activated, the columns with information deemed "unnecessary" will be hidden. Columns that will remain: start, target, unit, action, launch date.
  • BB-Code without table
    If activated, planning in BB-Code will be created without the table structure. Useful when the planning has many rows and could exceed the limit of characters "[]" allowed in Tribal Wars.
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