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In these pages you will find some utility to use in the browser game Tribal Wars. The site is maintained in the webmaster's spare time, corrections or requests for changes are welcome but can not be guaranteed a quick fixing. To contact the webmaster use this email.

Utility list

  • Calculator and Converter

    Date calculations, useful in the planning of attacks or in the analysis of an incoming attack. You must enter two variables choosing from the date of start, the time of travel and the date of arrival to determine the value of the third variable.
    Time of travel, to calculate the time of travel of the troops between two villages.
    Hours/days converter, the title is self-explained :-)
    Coordinates extractor, to extract Tribal Wars coordinates from any text or game page.

  • Fake Script Generator

    Generates the javascript code to send fakes quickly. You can choose any troops and indicate the number of units; You can also add additional units of scouts. Two methods of launch are available, continued and random generation and one attack for each village.

  • Fodox Map Guru

    Allows you to search villages of Tribal Wars. There are several methods to select the area of the map and different filters to refine your selection. The list of villages can be formatted in BB-Code or optimized to generate fake scripts. All the worlds of the italian server are available and also the most populated servers of

  • Troops Evaluator

    Useful to balance own fulls. You can save different configurations for easy comparison.

  • Fodox Attack Planner

    Attack planner all in one page for all the worlds of the Italian server and for the most populated worlds of There are 5 slots to save the planning in your browser, or you can export as a link to use on any computer or browser. Updates from the official servers are made twice a day, roughly at 4:00 and at 14:00 (Italian time).

  • Fodox Mass Attack Planner

    Planner massive attacks, compatible with all the worlds of all servers. You can plan attacks and defenses togheter, working in a single page. It's also possible to save planning and load it in any browser.

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